About us

Passion, creativity, and care

...is why we do what we do. That’s it, really. So you can stop reading now if you want!

Our story


Dartmatics was founded at the start of the Covid-19 by three “third culture kids”. By combining our unique skillsets together and cracking a few jokes along the way, we were able to forge a path through difficult times together, only to emerge stronger than we ever were…. And with zero intention of stopping!

We are small, dynamic, and proud of it.

Thanks to our network of freelancers and our efficient and flexible business model, we can provide a custom quote moulded to your business needs.

We are ready to target and engage YOUR audience, are you?

Our story


We love design.

It’s what really brought each of us into this business. Each for our own individual reasons, and each in quite differently unique forms. Something can certainly all agree: good design is a point of pride!

We are fascinated by all the creative projects going on and we try to share some of the ‘creme de la creme’ on our social media. Which is mostly filled with creative advertisements, incredible websites, and sometimes maybe a meme or two – Check it out and give us a like and a follow.

What we are


It’s not any old company that can become a client of Dartmatics. Our pickiness in who we work with is essential to delivering consistent results. We do not favour any particular industry or company size – what we are looking for is clients who appreciate the exponential potential of the internet and are open to out-of-the-box creative solutions.

There are no templates here! Everything we do is tailored specifically to you:

  • Building and launching a captivating brand experience for your target audience
  • Pushing a strong campaign to all those who need to know who you are
  • Measuring, tracking & ongoing optimisation to help you stay on top of trends

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Our dedication and care for our work has earned us much love from our clients…

Are you a Charity/Non-profit?

We love working with organisations seeking sustainable solutions to make the world a better place. We also just love animals… for no particlar reason, do we need one?

We therefore have special introductory rates for charities and non-profit organisations!

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