Orichal Partners

Orichal Partners Ltd.
Web Design & Development, Brand Guidelines, Brand Visuals

Orichal Partners is a leading private research, analytics, and advisory firm focusing on blockchain and digital asset innovations. After discussions with the two Co-Founders, Scottie and Anthony, we decided that their previous visual identity and brand strategy needed some reshaping… in-fact, they wanted us to start again from scratch – a blank sheet of paper.


Tasks included:

  • Building the brand as a whole from the ground up, including a set of strongly implemented visual guidelines, a reliable brand strategy, and extensive market research to justify our selection.
  • Coordinating the design and development of the Orichal Partners website, with ongoing updates and maintenance.
  • Coordinating the design and development of the client portal for the Orichal Partners website so that clients can keep track of their investment portfolios. This particular task needed a blockchain developer with extensive knowledge in security and a background in finance-based development.


The redesigned Orichal Partners logo is a symbol of the culture of trust and unity that you can find embedded into the organisation and the people who run it. The distinctly unique shape aims to pay homage to the mythical island of Atlantis – upon which the companies tagline references, “Navigating the New Atlantis.”

Colours & Typography

The Orichal Partners brand uses a colour palette defined by muted Pantone shades of turquoise, teal, and dark blue. This was done with the intention of replicating the soothing aesthetic of the underwater world of Atlantis whilst at the same time providing a calming and trusting undertone for target markets. Moving onto the typography chosen, we’ve gone for a thin header and a thick, capitalised sub-header. The non-traditional thin header was used to avoid the harshness that big, bold headers can invoke – the thin header, we feel, is more inviting when used in the financial sector.


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The Website

Orichal Partners wanted a website that was easy on the eye for their clients – something that is easy to read and invoked a sense of trust, calm, and clarity. We came up with a simple 6 page basis for the website which also included a secure user portal so clients can regularly check in on their investments. These we’re the key areas of focus for the website:

  • In the financial sector, building trust with your clientele is key, which meant thoroughness and attention to detail were at the top of our priority list when designing and developing this website.
  • Informing potential clients on who Orichal Partners are and what they can do for you in terms of services.
  • Writing the website content and enriching it with SEO keywords.