The Dope Ones

Orichal Partners
Brand Development, Creative Direction, Marketing, UI/UX

The Dope-1 Alphas (DOAs) are a collection of 5,555 unique NFT Avatars with references to Hip Hop and EDM cultural legends, transparently living on the Ethereum blockchain. The DOAs brief is a partner project of DOKO.



Working closely with a Senior Illustrator from top Hollywood studios (who goes by the pseudonym, Just Chilly), we were tasked with building, coordinating and directing the execution of the DOA brand itself as well as its digital profile. This included the following jobs:

  • Building the brand as a whole including a logo, logo usage, colour selection, colour ratio usage, typography selection for headers and body text, typography usage, brand look & feel, and brand tone.
  • Coordinating the design and development of the DOA website, with – ongoing updates and maintenance.
  • Designing and scheduling the execution of advertising and social media assets such as banners, cover photos, business one-pagers (sent out to influencers and KOLs), videos, and animations (displayed in exclusive nightclubs around the globe including Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Miami).
  • Designing DOAs range of merchandise including hoodies, hats/caps, bags, t-shirts, stickers and business card.

The Website

In order to kickstart an NFT Collection campaign you need to build community hype around the project and get people excited – so starting a DOA community was at the top of our priority list. In doing so, we needed to get the Dope-1 name out there by collaborating with celebrities in the Hip Hop and EDM world as well as the crypto world. However, before we did that, we needed a platform to sell the project to the community – the DOA website. The aims of the DOA website are to do the following:

  • Introduce the DOA project and the DOA team to the NFT community.
  • Educate and inform the community about what DOAs are.
  • Notify the community about exclusive access, IP rights and available events such as the DOA Short-Film Series, the DOA Comic Series, and the DOA soundtrack collaboration with a world famous hip hop producer.


The DOA Logo aims to encapsulate the rawness of the Dope-1 Alpha avatars (which is highlighted in the each of the 5,555 illustrations) whilst simultaneously paying homage arguably one of the most iconic logos in Hip-Hop history!


DOA, the same as DOKO uses a colour palette defined by bright, bold, and vibrant hues intended to symbolise the exciting future of our digital world and lifestyle. The two main Primary Colours are striking contrasts yet they harmoniously compliment each other. They should be used to invoke excitement and curiosity.



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