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Dope Ones
Web Design & Development, Social Media, Brand Strategy, Brand Guidelines, Brand Visuals

The Dope Ones is a Music Collective who’s mission is to provide global opportunities in music for both musicians and fans alike – all through the power of Web3. We worked with them as a team as well as a high-level consultant through our Creative Director.


Working closely with a team of tech entrepreneurs, and major label musicians, we were tasked with with building, coordinating, and directing the execution of the Dope Ones brand itself as well as its digital profile. This included the following tasks:

  • Building the brand as a whole from the ground up, including a set of strongly implemented visual guidelines, a reliable brand strategy, and extensive market research to justify our selection.
  • Coordinating the design and development of the Dope Ones website, with ongoing updates and maintenance.
  • Organising the stage visualisers for over 10 shows/festivals/events which culminated in a total audience number of over 14,500.
  • Designing, scheduling, and executing a social media campaign over a period of 4 months. This included writing keyword/hashtag rich captions and giving them engaging graphics such as static image posts, memes, carousel image posts, videos, animations, and GIFs.
  • Liaising with a team of illustrators to develop an on-brand NFT collection made up of 84 different traits/cosmetic items and culminating in 10,000 algorithmically generated NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • Liaising with 3D plastic/metal moulding suppliers to turn the 2D NFTs into a series of 3D statues ranging in size from 30cm to 6ft.
  • Creating merchandise including t-shirts, hoodies, bags, and cross-collaboration apparel. Then, hiring 3models to help bring them to life in a series of public and studio based photoshoots.

The Website

Dope Ones wanted a unique, high-octane website to compete within the fiercely competitive web3 space. Looking at the competition in the industry, we had our work cut-out for us. What we came up with was a fully responsive, 13 page, custom built site in a modern slider design with interactive elements and user-triggered animations. After the branding was established and the site was built, the Dope Ones were ready to showcase their brand mission to the world. The aims of the website are to do the following:

  • Introduce the Dope Ones to the world and build trust with it’s audience in order to create a community of like-minded individuals.
  • Sustain the development and hosting of the future minting page of the first NFT collection – The Dope OnesAlphas.
  • Introduce aspects of the brand such as; vision, mission, NFT info, artwork, team, advisors, blog, lore story, artist/creatives roster, company story, achievements/accolades, activations).

It took us 2 months to research, design, build, and launch the website.


The Dope Ones Logo aims to encapsulate the rawness of the Dope Ones NFT characters whilst simultaneously paying homage to the brand name itself by showcasing the number 1 – Dope Ones.

Colours & Typography

The Dope Ones brand uses a colour palette defined by minimalistically dark background shades (black/dark grey), light text/outline shades (white/light grey), and vibrantly bold call-to-action action shades (fuschia/purple). This arrangement enables us to more easily guide the viewers eye via the intensity and brightness of colour shades when designing brand assets. The colours, fonts, and style chosen reflect the raw nature of urban music and pay homage to retro hip hop magazines such as XXL, The Source, or Vibe.



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