George Hayes Ltd.
App Design & Development, UI/UX, Visual Guidelines, Brand Strategy, Creative Direction, Market & Consumer Analysis

SERVD is an app we were tasked with structuring and designing (UI/UX) for George Hayes Ltd.-a UK based entrepreneur. SERVD aims to simplify and streamline the food ordering process by automating the gap between the service provider and the end consumers – restaurant/bar staff and restaurant/bar goers.


We were tasked with completing all of the following tasks to help SERVD successfully launch:

  • Building SERVD’s brand identity and brand strategy packaged within a thorough guidelines document.
  • Extensively completing primary and secondary research on the target market groups to help ensure that the interface we designed optimises each user groups experience(s).
  • Wire-framing, and then designing the apps core pages for the order placement flow for both sets of users – restaurant/bar staff and restaurant/bar goers.


The SERVD Logo was made with the intention of being simple, yet eye-catching. This is shown in the contrast between all three colours seen on the logo; white, deep purple, and the sunset gradient. In terms of symbolism, the white circle intends to represent the birds-eye view of a glass and the half-moon gradient intends to symbolise the remnants of juice on an orange slice reflecting the sunset.

Colours & Typography

SERVD uses a colour palette defined by bold, vibrant, and contrasting hues intended to symbolise a balance of calmness and awe that is found when staring at a beautiful sunset. Moving over to the typeface used,Montserrat helps to encapsulate the symbolism captured by the colours. It is a bold, yet open typeface that is eye-catching, playful, and friendly all at the same time.


Montserrat Bold

Montserrat Semi-Bold

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