World of Myoth

Myoth Limited
Video development, Website redesign

World of Myoth is an eCommerce business selling all-natural, sustainably sourced, beauty products. Starting with a clear idea of their own brand persona, they looked to us to help them demontrate their limited impact on the planet through a minimal, beautiful, user freindly website design.



Appealing to Myoth’s niche audience was the core challenge of this project. This target audience consists of women who pay close attention to what they put on their skin, and who are happy to pay more for a high quality product. Only after extensive research into this target audience could we:

  • Redesign and develop the webiste with no downtime,
  • Develop a brand video and ad campign to boost sales in the build up to Christmas.


The core goal of any ecommerce website is to convert. For World of Myoth this meant instanly building a deep emotional connection between the brand and the reader. To do this we needed to inspire, demonstrate and inform the user as visually and as simply as possible. This meant integrating lots of custom product photography, illustrations, usage diagrams and a whole lot more into the design.

We worked extremely closely with the client to expand the amount of content of the webiste, and deliver a beautiful and minimal design. Packed full of useful information, upsells, and oozing brand values.

Brand Video

Shot in a forest close to Osaka in Japan, the brand video we made for World of Myoth captures the imagination of the largely female target audience. It features a woman embracing nature as she travels through it. She discovers the beautifully designed products in a stream or amongst some moss, uses them, and feels elated. The natural ingredients soacking into her pores, providing her the space to look inwards with positivity, releasing her from the stresses of everyday life.

At the time of writing this, the video just went up on the website and was about to run in a multiplatform ad campaign. If you would like to find out the ROI of the project, please do not hesitate to contact us!