Into23 Limited
Blog pack, SEO pack, Website reskin and re-write

Into23 is one of the best and biggest translation and localization companies in Hong Kong, the city at the threshold of the China market.



We were approached by the company founder to Search Engine Optimise the website to align with the new rollout of their new whitelabel translation portal. This portal meant they were suddenly able to scale up operations exponentially, and so an exponential increase in demand was required to match. Our solution was a combination of 3 service offerings:

• Update the website text and design for SEO & conversions,

• Implement our SEO package,

• Develop high-quality blog content.


Into23’s target audience are a wide range of small to medium sized businesses, looking to expand into the Asian market. To convey trust to the range of businesses they are targeting, we chose muted and professional tones, juxtaposed with an attention grabbing and “fun to work with” flair in the bright green colour.


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Our goal was to optimise each page for a specific service solution. Allowing the audience to land on exactly the solution that are seeking, building trust with high-quality text and simple UX design, and getting them to fill in the contact form. To achieve this we:

  • Standardised the existing branding into a coherent design strategy and consolidating it into a style guide,
  • Worked with the client to increase the amount of content (text, images, UI elements) on the website x5,
  • Designed new page layouts with improved UX, optimised for converting users to clients,
  • Completed the Front-end WordPress website development with 0 downtime to website operations.

SEO & Blog Content Creation

Into23’s clients would typically have consistently regular translation requirements, such as an eCommerce store or eLearning platform. Our goal was simple: capture the attention of small business owners, marketing managers, and project managers and drive them to the website. This consisted of:

  • Locating 100 translation related long tail keywords that show intent to buy
  • Integrating these keywords into the website text to make the text keyword “rich”,
  • Misc. Onsite and offsite website optimisations (see SEO pack for full list),
  • Development and upload of 3 keyword-optimised blog posts per week,. written by writers with actual
    experience in the translation industry,
  • Some social media marketing management,
  • Custom monthly report containing visual and actionable data.

If you are interested to find out the ROI on this project, please do not hesitate to contact us.