Treasure Island

Treasure Island Group Ltd.
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Treasure Island is a Kids Adventure Camp facility based on the sunny southern coast of Lantau Island, Hong Kong SAR. Surrounded by nature yet only 40 minutes by ferry from Hong Kong’s “Central” Station, it is uniquely placed to be able to compete with the big International Adventure Organisations and International Schools, both of which also are also running camps through every school holiday.


After many years working together, we have become the de-facto marketing department for Treasure Island Group. Providing them with a plethora of services all geared towards selling the camps:

  • On-site Photography & Videography,
  • Advertising materials design and development for all upcoming camps,
  • Social Media Marketing: content design, development, and distribution,
  • Paid advertising campaigns on Google, Facebook and Instagram,
  • Developing relationships and working with local (Hong Kong) and hyperlocal (Lantau Island) media outlets,
  • Printing marketing materials – everything from posters at the facility to flyers for the kids to bring home,
  • Quarterly email newsletter and email database management in line with international communication standards,
  • Supporting Treasure Island Group in the development of certificates, signage, handbooks, brochures and a plethora of other custom designed materials.

The result? Well, we have been successfully selling out their kids camps every year since 2019 (with the exception of the year we lost to covid and everything had to be shut down).

Social Media

We absolutely love working on Treasure Island’s social media: it’s fun, light, colourful and very “cute”, which never fails to get a lot of engagement.

The focus of this is to attract and retain an audience that can best be described as “international school mums”. In addition, due to the fact that the kids stay within the age brackets of the camps for quite a few years, repeat customers are absolutely key in this industry.

Therefore our goals are triple-fold:

  • To consistently be developing engaging content and running ad campaigns in order to creatively attract our core customer: Hong Kong Mums.
  • To identify the purchasing period for each camp and maximise that window by encouraging our audience to go down our purchasing funnel.
  • To support the Beach Club Restaurant [Link to BC Dart project page] with their objectives through creative cross-selling.

We are very proud of the work we have done for this client, so we encourage you to check it out for yourself:

Paid Advertising

We also drive trackable conversions for Treasure Island Group by running targeted Search Advertising Campaigns on Google and Microsoft Ads. Unfortunately we cannot provide any more information on this due to client confidentiality, all you need to know is that thanks to our dedication and continuous optimisation, they are very successful indeed!