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DOKO is a Multi-Chain NFT Portfolio Manager. It aims to become your go-to platform for NFTs – enabling you to display, manage & trade NFTs from different blockchains directly within one single platform.



If you know about the NFT scene you’ll know how crazily unique it and it’s community of devoted followers, collectors and investors are… Needless to say, this was a very exciting project to work on, and all during the NFT boom and metaverse era of 2021. We were tasked with the following:

• To develop the brand along with a set of guidelines to ensure that the aesthetics and key messaging remains consistent.

• Design and build a responsive NFT platform from top to bottom that performs at an optimum level on desktop, tablet, and mobile (this project is on-going so new additions and features are constantly being added weekly.

• Produce a set of advertising banners and social media image posts to be featured on platforms such as Twitter, Medium, and Discord.

The Website

The DOKO website aims to achieve 3 things; to be simple yet effective, to build a community around the platform, and of course to look sexy! These goals are completed through an on-going series of features and upgrades which occur every week or so with the help of the crypto community on Discord, Twitter, and Medium.

The DOKO team works closely and is in daily contact with the community to help progress DOKO into something that gives the people exactly what they want! The current available features are as follows:

  • Display and share all your NFTs in one place.
  • Get the latest data on your NFT collection and the overall market – Solana integration (in addition to ETH, BSC & Polygon).
  • Trade NFTs from other platforms directly on DOKO.


The DOKO D Logo is used to represent DOKO the product/service. The 3D style of the logo helps to bring-to-life the translation of where the word DOKO originated from – Dokodemo; “The door to anywhere”. This logo works best on a black background but is versatile enough to function in other graphic environments.


DOKO uses a colour palette defined by bright, bold, and vibrant hues intended to symbolise the exciting future of our digital world and lifestyle. The two main Primary Colours are striking contrasts yet they harmoniously compliment each other. They should be used to envoke excitement and curiousity.


Exo Bold

Open Sans Bold

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