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South Lantau Beach Club is a Restaurant and Bar situated on a Beach in South Lantau, 40 minutes from Central Hong Kong. Open only on weekends and public holidays, their goal is to provide a wholesome space for local families to come and enjoy burgers and beers. Looking straight out at the waves, they naturally have a deep connection with the ocean, and are often organising beach cleans or reign funds for ocean conservation.


The goal for this client is to maximise their already limited opening days by driving footfall into the restaurant in a measurable way. To do this, we provide them with the following services:

  • Social Media Marketing – content design, development, and distribution
  • Paid advertising campaigns on Google, Facebook and Instagram
  • Online Profiles Management
  • Local Media Relations
  • Event Organisation and Advertising

Social Media Marketing

The first challenge was to show locals how the South Lantau Beach Club could align with their local habit and provide a centre-point in the community. We did this by running numerous campaigns with different angles over the years:

  • Friday locals night 15% off,
  • Friday movie nights for kids,
  • Buy one get one free takeaway pizzas,
  • Buy one get one free drinks,
  • Flexible workspace by the beach,
  • Special food & drink offers on special days,
  • Long lunch package,
  • Day at the beach package,
  • Birthday party gift voucher,
  • Get more for 4! (four person package),
  • Menu spotlight,
  • And many many more!

All of these campaigns maximised all the geographic and demographic targeting tools at our disposition, and are complemented with absolutely stellar food and ‘good vibes’ photography from our professional photographer.

Event Marketing

The Beach Club is host to an event approximately twice a month. Due to the repetitive nature of the business, we are able to plan and anticipate upcoming events in order to provide the marketing in a timely manner, and according to set distribution and messaging standards.The focus of these events are very much around bringing the local community together, and usually revolve around live music or a special F&B offer.

Want to check out their social pages for yourself? Check out the links below: