AMC Capital

AMC Capital Limited
Digital Transformation, Website Development, On-Site SEO, Digital Marketing Consulting

AMC Capital Advisors is a financial advisory firm based in Discovery Bay, Hong Kong SAR. They provide debt advisory services, general advisory services, and are uniquely positioned to provide Bank and Credit Fund Network Advisory services.


They came to us with an old website and a limited budget. Their target was simple: to bring their public-facing profile into the 21st century. With a loyal client base already being catered to, generating leads in order to build new business was not a priority. They just needed to be findable and presentable. In order to cater to their request, we simplified the project down, eventually providing them with a custom WordPress template design and some on-site SEO to get them off on the right foot.They are very happy with their website and are still using it to this day. While the work on their digital marketing funnel is now complete, we regularly speak with them to maintain good relations and provide whatever advice we can to aid their continuous digital transformation.