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Sessionly is a professional ticketing website’s answer to the global pandemic. The Sessionly platform aims to empower individuals to organise and run courses on literally any subject they wanted from the safety of their own homes.



We love it when an experienced company comes to us with a project still on the drawing board as it means we are essential to driving it in the right direction from the very beginning. Briefly put, our tasks for this project were:

  • Design a professional logo and brand that will captivate their target audience and instill trust.
  • Design the entire site from scratch including all payment portals and user functionalities.


The Sessionly logo is an expression of what it is like to learn on this platform: simple, straightforward, and fun!
The main icon represents the simple route of learning on this platform, all whilst mirroring the 3 “S”s in the name. Thanks to two heavily contrasting primary colours, only three versions of the logo are required to span all usages.


Colour usage is a key feature of the brand guidelines developed for Sessionly. To convey a sense of professionalism and trust, Sessionly uses a dual-tone palette defined by muted, pantone hues.

Montserrat is a great font for ease of reading and providing clarity to the user – but there are many sans serifs that can achieve this. The main reason we chose it is because it displays the perfect balance of modernity and professionalism for the brand, while at the same time not being too full of itself!



Montserrat Semi-Bold

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